The Cherry Fund is committed to seeking out and welcoming the participation of Black and Indigenous people, People of Color and all the members of our community who have been underrepresented. We are currently implementing an action plan specifically addressing these issues with achievable and time-specific goals. This is an ongoing process. We are grateful for your continued support, as we work toward becoming a more equitable, diverse and inclusive foundation.

We stand in solidarity with and alongside the protests demanding social justice and this MOVEMENT. CHERRY has always promoted inclusion, always being actively aware of supporting diversity in our dj line-up, dancers, performers, hosts etc. We condemn racism, militarization of the police force, white supremacy, racial profiling, and social inequality caused by injustices in America. To all black and brown people of CHERRY’s past, present and future family: We are listening, we will shout with you until you are heard. We will support you now and until social injustice is corrected. We are angry, and we demand change! For the past 25 years, The Cherry Fund has been committed to supporting individuals dismissed due to social injustice and we are here for you! 

CHERRY has always been about inclusion and empowerment. It’s important that we stand with the community now more than ever. We do not want to detract from the long overdue attention on the important voices in this moment. We acknowledge that the LGBT circuit scene MUST do more, now and moving forward, to create a more inclusive atmosphere for the Black and Brown Communities. We will continue to work even harder to ensure the circuit scene is a welcoming place for all. Please join us in pausing the dance floor so that we can stand together. We hear you!  From all of us at The Cherry Fund we ask each of you to stay safe and stay strong.   #BlackLivesMatter

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