By making a donation or purchasing a weekend pass/ticket, your generous support contributes to our mission of supporting the efforts of passionate health and social advocates that provide our community with HIV/AIDS and Mental Health services. Because you can help us make a difference!

The Cherry Fund, established in 1996, and located in Washington, DC, is an independent, all-volunteer led & managed 501 (c) 3 organization.  The sole purpose of the Fund is to raise monies for service-based non-profit organizations serving the LGBT community of Washington and beyond. “The Cherry Fund’s Form 990s and its application for tax exempt status are publicly available below. More information about our tax-exempt status is also publicly available on the IRS’s Website. You can learn more about the IRS’s rules around widely available documents by clicking HERE.

The Cherry Fund offers exceptional sponsorship opportunities to meet your organization’s marketing and philanthropic goals. We also offer advertising opportunities at our events, in our theater guides, on our website, and more. By advertising, your organization will reach a community of loyal theater fans. For more information email us at

Workplace giving programs might allow you to double your gift. Contact your company’s Human Resources Department for specific details. You can also donate by mailing your contribution to The Cherry Fund / 996 Maine Avenue, SW #703 / Washington, DC 20024.

Please note if you are having difficulty finding our 990(s) on the IRS’ Website – From their Website – DATA UPDATED DELAYED – Expect delays in data updates for the Tax Exempt Organization Search tool. Patrons can find additional news via the Taxpayer Advocate Website

Publication 78 Data – Organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions. Users
may rely on this list in determining deductibility of their contributions. Publication 78

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